Step One

Design has a crucial role to play in helping to solve many of the challenges that we face in daily life, including some of those raised by the COVID-19 pandemic. Creatives, designers and makers were invited by Bompas & Parr to develop inspired takes on sanitiser pumps and hand washing rituals, with the competition raising funds to support the work of the British Red Cross. The Design Museum will display Fountain of Hygiene shortlisted artworks and the Fountain of Tongues wishing well between 31 July - 30 August 2020.

The project seeks to explore the aesthetic, functional, social, gestural and experiential possibilities of enhanced hygiene. It is hoped that this will accelerate the establishment of new behavioural norms which benefit the ongoing health of global society. Ultimately, the aim is to explore how people can safely re-enter the public realm.


Category: Luxury

Proposed Materials
Copper foot pedal & spout, gel bladder encasing made of cast recycled plastics. 

The Ritual
Step One: a simple foot pedal action pumps a portion of sanitizer gel - user places hand beneath spout to receive. Gel bladder can be easily refilled or replaced via an opening on the underside encasement. 

An object of absolute simplicity, to make the public hand sanitizer of aesthetic appeal, without having to touch anything with your hands.